Monday, 21 December 2009

What Made Me Laugh

My sister C. was having a conversation with N2 giving him the option of two things for supper. He said he didn't want either. She said then you don't get anything. He asked "why do I always not get anything". C said "because you are fussy."
He said "I'm not fussy, I'm just complicated."

Ti and La's oldest son, S., now four, went to an Eid ceremony with his grandfather. It was therefore quite a surprise for La and Ti, who I have never heard declare a preference for any religion to have S., when he returned home, tell them he was now Jewish.

Shelley told us this story when we were visiting a few weeks ago. She enjoys going to Lebanese restaurants and wanted to thank the proprietors in Arabic. So she asked a couple of her Lebanese guy friends how she could express her appreciation for their hospitality. They taught her a phrase which she promptly started to use.
She said several of the owners were quite surprised by what she said, but Shelley attributed it to her poor pronunciation. It was quite some time later when someone told her that instead of thanking her hosts for the meal, she was really saying, "My breasts are as big as watermelons. Would you like to see them?"

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