Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pile O' Tile

Friday, after finding out the Olympia tiles were not going to work, we checked out Home Depot and Rona, finding the tile saw at the latter.
Saturday we checked out other tile places to explore our options, including Home Depot.
Sunday we debated going to Olympia and picking up the plain white tile. Then we read the P/O and discovered there may have been too little ordered in the first place. We rechecked the Home Depot tile while we were there picking up some other stuff.
Monday at 0700 we were at Home Depot on Bishop Grandin and cleaned them out of the 3"x6" white tile and a 2"x6"trim. At lunch time, I went to Polo Park HD and bought two more boxes each of tile and trim.
Yesterday, I was feeling a few HD withdrawal pangs since I hadn't been there once all day.

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