Friday, 25 July 2008

Free spirit

Wednesday after work I was to meet The Geek at Dynasty, a bathroom supply place on Logan, just east of Isabel, to pick up a sink and tap. I asked her to get there before they close at 1700 incase I was caught in traffic. Things went well for me and I had the sink in the truck by 1645, so I parked my truck in a vacant lot west of the store and waited for The Geek. At 1700 I called her office, no answer. The same with her cell. It should have only taken her 15 mintues to get from HSC to Dynasty as all she had to do was ride east down McDermot to Isabel and then north to Logan.At 1710 I left the vacant lot and drove to HSC to see if she had become ensnared in some drama at work. Her 'bent wasn't in the bike lockup. Puzzling. Then as I'm driving back to Dynasty to see if she is there, planning to drive back to HSC following her possible alternate route to the store if she wasn't, she calls and tells me she has arrived at the store. A few minutes later we have loaded her (who has a big sheepish grin)'s bike in the truck. The Geek tells me she left HSC around 1630 but got lost when she couldn't remember if Logan was north or south of the Salter Street bridge. She was well north of the bridge when she sees another cyclist riding a recumbent bike possessing a short wheelbase and underseat steering. She decides to follow said bike. She then ends up chatting with the fellow and test driving his bike. Then remembers she has to be somewhere else and rides south on Salter and over the bridge to Logan and the store.Tina is now apparently looking for a 'bent with underseat steering.

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