Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Landscaping-before and during

This is the backyard before we started. Frankly, I am amazed I remembered to take pictures.

This is partway through. The sidewalk is in the process of being removed and the hole filled with soil, sand, compost and leaves.

the 'deck' is gone, and the grass removed from the lawn is being placed in its spot. There is still alot of soil needing to be rearranged.
The cedar is gone, (partially because it is getting scruffy and partially because of 'scope creep') and the lilac tree (branches only visible on the right side) is slated for removal after it has finished blooming. We like the lilac tree, and would move it if we could but it is in an incredibly inconvenient place.
I have also transplanted my tomatoes and peppers into the garden under the cold frame. The peppers look ok but the tomatoes.... well, I'll be pleased if they even survive.

Noted for future reference: Grass will grow through landscaping cloth, no matter what anyone else will tell you.And a gratuitous flower picture. The tulips finally started blooming on May8.

Stay tuned!

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  1. You guys have been busy, it looks great! And you must be getting so in shape from all that muscle work. :)